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It’s 2012!

It is hard to believe we are in mid-January already, the Christmas and the New Year holidays are a distant memory.  Where has the time gone?  As I reflect on all the events that occurred in 2011 and ponder what 2012 has yet to be, I am optimistic!

While the economic downturn brought about great stress and hardships, I believe that we can all say that we learned a lot!  The necessity of reducing expenses while increasing productivity has brought about a new realization of what business must look like while generating a resilience we did not know we had.

Many companies have responded to the downturn by utilizing cheaper materials in an effort to produce a less expensive cabinet.  After talking with many of our clients and listening to their comments, I determined that we would move in the opposite direction!  We have increased the quality of our cabinetry by integrating better materials and implementing significant improvements into our product line, while maintaining current pricing.  In so doing, we have created a product with a much better value – price ratio!  To offset the increased material costs, we reviewed each expenditure related to operations and overhead costs to determine if it is absolutely necessary and vital for healthy business operations.  It is amazing how many little expenditures can be eliminated and the impact that makes to the bottom line.

Presently, we are cataloging these updates and improvements along with several new items, which we will be unveiling to our designers in the coming months.  I am excited about the new products and enhancements we have made and feel that the designers will have an opportunity to have great discussions with their clients.

I see 2012 filled with countless opportunities but one must understand that a farmer is always optimistic!


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